Thursday, November 1, 2007

Challenge #7~ "You Pick Two" - **UPDATED** New DUE DATE!

For this challenge, Scrapdragons will be borrowing from a Panera menu idea. You know how you can pick two items to create your meal? Well here you will be picking at least two items from the following list to create your layout. Remember when looking at the list, you do not need to interpret the photos literally & you can use some creative license with the items. Feel free to think outside the box & see how the list items inspire you. Art is about creative expression not about limitations. We want you to have fun!

So here is the list...pick two of the following items as inspiration for your layout:


2. bling
(glitter, rhinestones..etc..)

3. The word "inspire"


5. an item not intended for scrapbooking

6. more than 5 photos


8. hand written journaling

Remember, we here at Scrapdragons do this to inspire people to create. We are all about fun here! So don't fret or stress! Start the challenge & see where it takes you!

Here are some sample layouts by our fabulous creative team:




Lauren's Card Version

The only thing we ask is that you post a link to your fabulous creation in the comments & let us know what two items you picked.

To be eligible for the awesome prize for this challenge, all layouts must be submitted by midnight November 30th EST. We decided to do only one challenge for the month of November due to Thanksgiving and the hustle and bustle that goes with it!

Can't wait to see what you all come up with!!

PS! Be sure to check back periodically because we're going to post sneak peeks now and then to our prize package.............