Saturday, September 8, 2007

Bonus Card Challenge!!

Hiya, Scrapdragons, Lauren here!

Laura & Gabi aren’t here right now...they said something about Daniel Craig and suntan lotion…I’m sure it’s all *perfectly* wholesome… I thought it would be fun to drop in and host a little
mini-challenge-ette! I know you’ve all been making tons of gorgeous layouts, but howsabout we make my favorite--CARDS--this time? and what better theme for a scrapDRAGONS card challenge than…can you guess? you can guess, right?…

Yep, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is: make a card with a dragon on it!

Here are the rules: there ARE no rules! You may interpret the theme in any way you want! Fantasy dragon, dragonslayer, cartoon dragon, puff the magic dragon, year of the dragon, dragonfly, dragon lady, kimodo dragon…be as wild…or as tame as you want! And remember…since this is a Lauren challenge, creative “cheating” is not only permitted…it’s actively encouraged!!!

Here are a couple that I’ve made:

We will send a nice little prize for the winner of this card challenge!!

Please post all entries by midnight on September 22!

So off you go, make a card, post it on your blog, and link to us in the comments. can’t wait to see what YOU will do!

Card Entries: (Click on each name to view)


Edleen said... challenge!
will go take out my little dragonflies out for this one *wink*

lauren said...

oooooooh, edleen, i *like* the way you think! GO FOR IT!!! :)

Lesley said...

Great challenge Lauren! I will try try try to make a firey dragon.

Scrapdragons said...

I hope to get to this one too. It would be great to have some scrapdragon note cards to send with the prizes.

Come on Gabi let's make some.


silvergirl said...

Very cool challenge! Thanks Lauren!!

Mary said...

What a fun challenge! Can't wait to get started!!

Christine said...

ok, I don't have any dragon images except for a 'dragon'fly :) so here's what i came up with:


Christine said...

sorry. here's the link:

Deanna said...

Really cool challenge! Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Morgan said...

Here is my card. The dragon is clip art from the internet that I hand cut and glued to the card. Everything else is freehand doodles. Enjoy!

Mary said...

Can I enter more than one? I made two, and now I can't decide which to enter? If only one, I guess I'll flip a coin! Please drop me a note and let me know! THANKS!

Deanna said...

Christine, beautiful card! :)

Deanna said...

Morgan, I love your FUN card! :)

lauren said...

to mary--and anyone else who's wondering--you may enter AS MANY CARDS AS YOU LIKE!!! ...and i can't wait to see ALL of 'em!

those of you who have not yet checked out christine and morgan's've got a treat in store for you! :)

Mary said...

YAY!! Lauren said I could enter them both!! (That makes my life much easier, thanks very much...)

So here they are!

June Houck said...

Here is mine:

Jana Eubank said...

Here's one from me! I'm not much of a cardmaker, but I'm always willing to branch out a bit! :)

WeRMemory Keepers paper
Purple Onion, Technique Tuesday stamps
Stickles (hard to see, but it's there!)

Scrapdragons said...

Great cards so far...keep 'em coming ladies!!

lauren said...

WOW! these are SO FANTASTIC!!! (i have no idea why ms. jana doesn't think she is a cardmaker??!) i'm having sooooo much fun watching these come in! :)

Tracey said...

Here's another...

Scrapdragons said...

Great your link posted...come on just a few more days!

CAKVD said...

Hi! Here is my card with a dragon:

Cheryl KVD

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