Monday, October 1, 2007

Challenge #5

Out of Focus
How many of you have a stack of photos that you wish
were better?
Perhaps they are a bit out of focus.
Maybe someone has their eyes closed. Oops is that a
finger in front of the lens? Whatever the issue I am
sure we all have at least one. I know sometimes I am
so disappointed with these photos because either they
are the only pictures I have a certain event or I just
love the emotion in them even if it isn't the
"perfect" shot.

Well now is your chance to pull those bad photos
out...dust them off...& create something beautiful
with them.

The challenge this time is to scrap one or more bad
photos on a layout.

Remember scrapbooking is about telling the story &
preserving memories. It doesn't always have to be
fabulous photos.

Allow yourself to have some fun with them. Be creative
& make sure to share your link in the comments when
you are done.

Deadline for submissions is midnight EST on October
15th. Our Creative Team will choose a winner shortly
after that for a cool scrappy prize.

Can't wait to see what you come up with!!

Here's what our creative team came up with:

Laura's Layout

Vee's Layout

Niki's Layout

Deanna's Layout

Entered Layouts (click on names to view):
Morgan's LO #2
Megan A
amy v

kim (croppycatter)


christine v.





Morgan said...

I definately have some photos that qualify as "not perfect"! Can't wait to use them!!

Kelly said...

Thanks so much for the inspiration! I've been meaning to get these pictures scrapped for awhile now.

Scrapdragons said...

Great layout Kelly! SO funny!!!

Morgan said...

Here's mine! Got my Label Tulip kit yesterday and couldn't wait to dive in! Enjoy!

Niki said...

Kelly - I love it! Great pictures and a super fun layout!

Morgan - Perfect picture for this challenge! Love th colors you chose!

Pauline said...

Here is my go at this challenge!

Going For Greatness said...

Wow check out the layouts submitted so far! GO GIRLS GO!!

Deanna said...

GREAT job with the new challenge everyone!!!

croppin carla said...

Ok, I have missed TWO challanges....I am bound and determined to totally do this one! LOVE IT! You girls really rock!

Morgan said...

Not sure if we can enter more than one... if so, here's another one! If not, you can look anyway and just not judge it! Thanks!!

Scrapdragons said...

Morgan I think it is great if you enter more than once...go for it girl!!


Jennifer A said...

I made this one just a week or so ago, but wanted to link it up for you to see. I have some HORRIBLE pics of Jackson's first soccer that I am going to try to get scrapped this week too. But for now...

Niki said...

Pauline, Morgan Jennifer -
awesome entries! Great job using out of focus pictures!!

Megan A. said...

here is mine! loving this! I smile every time I see it!


Lesley said...

Here is my photo - from university and it was a bad photo!

croppin carla said...

Hey girls.......I have missed a couple but Im BACK...LOL. Here is my lay out for the challange. If you notice the seaguls in the back ground are out of focus. TFL

Warehouse Worker said...

I got one done!

Took this pic of dh and I in the car on our anniversary the 28th of Sept. celebrating 20 years! while waiting for our was blurry but something made me keep it anyway! And I'm glad I did!

Thanks for the challenge!

kimandasmom said...

Here is mine

Deanna said...

oohhh.....wonderful job with the challenge everyone!!! :)

Cheryl Wray said...

I love this challenge! I am going tosee what I can come up with!

Scrapdragons said...

wow great layouts everyone!!!

I hope we see a few more there is still some time!!


croppin carla said...

Great job everyone! Good luck!

Deanna said...

I love seeing everyone's work on this challenge! AWESOME job everyone! :)

Warehouse Worker said...

Wooppss....guess I should have given you my real name! is Juliet, my friends call me Jules!

Scrapdragons said...

Hey Jules...I should have realized that from last time...sorry it is all fixed now.


Amy v (momtorachel) said...

Went to Sea World this weekend and when I saw this picture I knew it would be perfect for this challenge!!

Croppycatter said...

I've been needing an excuse to scrapbook these forever!! I only have a few of Ali's gymnastics days so really needed to do this. Thanks for the challenge!

Scrapdragons said...

Great work everyone...sorry that the links in the post are so messed up looking...blogger is giving me pains today.


Wanda said...

ere is a page using a blurry photo of my daughter, Mary Beth. Her sister took it, I think, and was just way too close! The stuff painted on her face was inspired by my friend Rachel ...whose artistic creativity amazes me. Rusty Pickle Pirate Princess papers are Fun with a capital "F!"

Thanks, Deanna, for pointing me here.

Christine said...

here's a page with a really blurry photo of me taken about 2 months ago :)


Christine said...

oops. wait please. I've decided to add 1 more element to my page :)

here is the updated page:


christine said...

Deanna said...

I've been enjoying everyone's AWESOME work with the latest challenge!!! GOOD LUCK!!! :)

Sharmaine said...

Finally I get to complete another scrap dragon challenge!!
Lovin' the inspiration you gals are giving!!
Here is my layout

Shannon said...

A great challenge, it's hard for me to scrap the not so perfect photos.
Here's my layout, thanks for the challenge:

Scrapdragons said...

hey shannon...your link is not bringing me to a specific lo...can you let me know whic one it is?

Shannon said...

not sure why link did not work, I also justed emailed it to you. I realize the deadline has past, did not see your message until just a short while ago, still wanted to share my layout. thanks.