Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Challenge #9

Music is a form of art & the lyrics are often like poetry, so using lyrics in scrapbook layouts really makes sense.

Music often brings us memories.
You hear a song & can be transported back via your memories to the high school prom, or the day you were married, or the first time your heart was broken.

Sometimes a song expresses exactly what you feel in your heart. Sometimes a line from a song can just sum up the mood of a moment.

So here is our challenge to you...

Create a scrapbook layout any size...that incorporates music in some way.

You can use a single verse, the entire song or even just the title.

You can even just journal about music, do a page about your ipod, or maybe an instrument you play.

The key is to be creative & have fun with it!!!

Gabi's Layout

Laura's Layout

Entries: (Click on names to view)
Barbara Ann


Megan A.













Tracey said...

What a great challenge!!!

KSmith said...

I so love this challenge.

Megan A. said...

here is mine - with a song title
Baby Its Cold Outside

KSmith said...

forgot to put link to my layout....

http://www.scrapbookeronline.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=15676&cat=500&page=1 ... all about the music on my life in music

Niki said...

Oh! This is an awesome challenge! Can't wait to see your art!!

Anonymous said...

Looking for new Challenges for myself in this New Year and came across this site, thought I'd join right in! here is my LO for challenge number nine!
Already had it done but I so love it I couldn't resest submiting it.

Morgan said...

Here's mine, the title is a song by Earth, Wind & Fire!


I have another one I did a few months ago, would it still count?

Scrapdragons said...

We really prefer that the layouts be done specifically for this challenge. However, having said that, if a layout was done within the last 6 months,it fits the challenge, & you are proud of it...we would love to have you enter it. We started this blog to promote creativity. So we really would love to see all of your creations.

Anonymous said...

I'll remember that to do that for future challenges, this lo was done just two months ago. & never entered to any type of challenge.

Peg said...

I wanted this one to be simple to keep the focus on the story as it's about school achievement



Pauline said...

I'm In love with the Boy by Trisha .. I LOVE MUSIC thanks for the challenge

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Here is a LO I did for this challenge. I love your challenges. I'm so excited to finally participate.


Mollie said...

Yay! Here's mine!


Dolores said...

Oh I just stumbled onto this blog, Love the challenge here's my layout title the Gift by John Brickman. I journaled a few lyrics from the song around the pp's. http://www.scrapbook.com/galleries/87493/view/1196479/-1/0/1.html

VanillaCarmel said...

My page is at 2peas...


Used some Randy Newman lyrics that my daughter just loves for this page!

NikJustNik said...

Okay here is mine.. OMG I KNOW I DID ONE!!! The layout is called FLY.. and how does it related to music you ask.. It is a song from the Dixie Chicks about letting your man go who is stubborn and will not listen. For some reason when I looked at this photo I thought of that song.. DONT KNOW WHY IT JUST DID!!! Maybe it has to do with my daughter being a stubborn mule atm.LOL!!!

MsGrace said...

Oh I am loving all the layouts everyone...I will try to get them linked up later today!!

Christine V. said...

here's my page



Sharmaine said...

Yay I got to play again! Missed so many its sad lol
I used a Jack Johnson song :)
You can see the layout here http://www.scrapinstyletv.com/portfolio/view_layout.php?layout_id=61576&user_id=4747
or on my blog


Anonymous said...

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Tracey said...

I just ordered pics for this one last night!! Not sure if they will arrive before the deadline but will post anyway if I miss it.

The Cool Chicks said...

Here is mine ... about Rachel's "mis-heard" lyrics to Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer.


Amy (momtorachel)

Scrapdragons said...

Wow...can't believe all the great entries so far. You guys are rocking this challenge!

Mollie said...

when do we get to find out the winner!? lol

Morgan said...

Hey ladies, who won??? We're getting impatient over here... hehe ;)