Thursday, May 1, 2008

Challenge # 16

Mix it Up!
Take 4 or more items from the list below to incorporate into your layout! You must choose at least 4!
1. Put your title sideways
2. Stamped Images

3. 20 Brads or more

4. at least 8 buttons
5. Clear element(s)
6. Photo of yourself
7. metal accent/embellishment
8. no photos at all
9. more than 5 photos

10. B & W photo

Please link your layout in the comments by no later than May 15th!
The winner will receive a lovely prize... sneak peeks to come!!

Here are a few takes by the creative team!


Check out the entries!





Jennifer said...

Oh I just love this challenge!! Sounds like so much fun and I am doing this one for sure!!! Love the idea of it!!

Croppycatter said...

Gabi...Kirby looks so cute!

I'm jumping in on this one!! Love this challenge!

Going For Greatness said...

Aww thanks :) He's such a sweet little thing!!

Lori said...

this is a good challenge!

Dettao said...

I like this one. Will work on it this weekend

Deanna said...

Can't wait to see what everyone does for this challenge! It's open to lots of possibilities!!! :)

bibtie said...

I agree - love this challenge too! And so much potential to create multiple LOs from the one challenge! Here's my first anyway, but will see if I can make another one later!

I've included:
-photo of myself
-sideways title
-8 buttons
-20 brads...which are in the shape of buttons, so does that count as 28 buttons?

Scrapdragons said...

Thanks girls! We can't wait to see what you all come up with!
Today is National Scrapbooking Day! So get to it! :)

Peg said...

I used
3. 20 Brads or more
4. at least 8 buttons (under the 'scrapping' letter tiles)
5. Clear element(s)
6. Photo of yourself
scroll to the bottom.
thanks for the challenge :)

Deanna said...

Great job with the challenge, ladies! Keep 'em coming! :)

Sandy said...
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Sandy said...

omg! this one was of the 'funnest' (i'm just going to say it!) challenges ever. see how much stuff you can throw on your page...what could be better? here's mine

the journaling says "you can make that squincy face as much as you want, i'm never gonna stop squeezing". it seems appropriate in light of mother's day. i managed to do the following: sideways title, stamping, 20 brads (exactly), 8 buttons, clear element, photo of myself, b&w photo, metal accent, and well i just couldn't squeeze anything else on here so i gave up.

good luck ladies, your layouts look amazing so far!

pictures2pages said...

Ok here is mine.
I choose
stamped images, at least 8 buttons, clear elements- buttons, metal embellishment.

Haley said...

Here's Mine

This was a great challenge! :-)

Sarah said...

Here's mine:

I picked--stamped image, clear overlay, photo of me, metal (brads).

Croppycatter said...

Here's mine!! I used 8 buttons, 20 brads, stamped images, clear element (the "a" is stamped on a transparency), metal embellishment (clip and staples), and a sideways title. This was fun!!

Croppycatter said...

[url=]Batter Up![/url]

Here's the link again...forgot to add the coding so it would link. :)