Monday, June 2, 2008

Challenge #18


This one's a fun one!

Go look through past Scrapdragon challenge posts and scraplift one of our team members layouts!

Layouts are due the 15th of June, midnight Eastern time (USA)

Be sure to let us know what challenge number it was and give us the link to the layout you are lifting!

Prize peek to be posted in a few days.........

Check out the lifts that our Team did!!

Deanna's lift of Niki's layout from Challenge #7

Jake's Lift of Deanna's Layout from Challenge # 8

Jennifer's Lift of Laura's from Challenge #4

Marix's lift of Niki's Layout from Challenge #15

Veronica's lift of Vee's Layout from Challenge# 4

Gabi's Lift of Laura's Layout from Challenge # 14
Entries: (click on names to view)











barb m.



Deanna said...

Lots of GREAT lifts everyone! This was FUN to work on! Can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with! :)

Laura S. said...

these are great!!

Ronda S. said...

Looks like fun! Are the challenges in the archives? And are there certin LO's to pick from, or just any?

BrendaB said...

Fun! Lots of great layouts to choose from!

Laura S. said...

You can choose any of the past DT layouts. They are posted in the old challenge posts in the archives.

Loreluca said...

ok... can we lift the LIFT of the design team????
I'll give it a try this time!!!

Laura S. said...

I think lifting one of the lifts would be fine. We said any of the DT

Jenn said...

LOL on lifting a lift !

Here is mine , i forgot to turn the flash off so there is a SLIGHT glare , i took inspiration off an old layout of Deanna's :)


Carla said...

I lifted from both Vee and Gabi, in Challenge 4

Here's my layout :-)

Deanna said...

Jenn, that's a wonderful page! Thanks for lifting me! :)

Deanna said...

Carla, great page!

Can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with!

Scrapdragons said...

great layouts carla & jenn!!

Elizabeth Wickland said...

LOVE this challenge! I had so much fun with it! I lifted Jennifer's layout from challenge #17 and here is my layout...

Elizabeth Wickland said...

oops... forgot to link to the layout i lifted! here's jennifer's layout that i chose:

Bibi said...

Well, we were certainly spoilt for choice with so many great LOs we could have lifted! I finally settled on Vee's LO from challenge 4 - picture of this is posted on my blog together with my LO, hope you don't mind Vee! Thought it would make it easier for people to compare and contrast. Anyway, here it is:

pictures2pages said...

This was a fun challenge. I chose Niki's LO from challenge #7.

jeanie nieva said...

hi, here is my take on the challenge. i chose vee's layout from challenge 4.

Cute#1 said...

Fun challenge! I chose Nikki's layout from Challenge #2 --->

Thank you!

liliput said...


Here's my take on the challenge, Scraplift Jakey's LO for Challenge#17,

Thank you.

salme said...

Great lifts!

Scraplift Laura's layout from Challenge #4

Here's my take on the challenge --->

Thank you!

Melissa said...

Great Challenge.
I lifted Deana's Challenge #17 LO *Laughter & Giggles*.

jeanie nieva said...

i just realized i have too many pictures of los in the link i shared. in case it gets confusing, this is my take on vee's alyout from challenge 4:

Jennifer said...

Great to see so many submissions!!

Anonymous said...

I lifted Laura's LO from Challenge #15.

Barb M.

Loreluca said...

Here's mine!!!!

Loreluca said...

By the way, I was inspired by Wendy's LO for Challenge #17 and by Laura's LO on challenge #13

Anonymous said...


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