Friday, August 10, 2007

Guess What??

Something exciting will be happening here at Scrapdragon!

What do you all think it could be?

We will be giving you some hints over the next few days.

So be sure to check back & see if you can guess what it is!!

Laura & Gabi


Cheryl said...

I wanna know NOW!!! (says Cheryl in her best Varuka Salt voice)

charlotte said...

Now I got curious!! :-)

Canadian Girl said...

I'm curious too! Hhhmmmm....what could it be???

Angela Prieto said...

I want to know now too!!! LOL!!

MsGrace said...

You will have to wait....just a bit longer.

I will post another clue later today.


Latharia said...

Just found ya ... will try to keep tabs on ya! :D