Sunday, August 12, 2007

Just take a guess

Here's Hint number two
We've got awesome news
About Challenge 2!

If you take a guess
and you get it right
We'll send you a rak
with fun stuff inside!

What's there to lose?
post a guess or 2!
We know you'll love it
When we tell it to you!!

Gabi & Laura


MsGrace said...

Oh...I know wht it is!!
I guess I can't play though.


Amy said...

Here is my guess ... does it have something to do with the number 2 ... we will have to have 2 of everything???

OH and guess number 2 would be that there are 2 sketches ...

Amy :)

Scrapdragons said...

Hmmm two of everything....well no...but that gives me soem ideas for another challenge.


Cheryl said...

I already know whats coming and you can't make me talk. I won't tell, I won't tell, I won't tell!

MsGrace said...

you better!!


The Cool Chicks said...

Well noone else is guessing so here I go with another one ... do we have to use a poem or a song on the layout or as inspiration?

MsGrace said...

Nope but another good idea for a future challenge!!


The Cool Chicks said...

Hmmmm I will have to keep thinking ...

silvergirl said...

Keep the guesses coming girls!!

veronica76 said...

Guess 1. you will have 2 guest designers.

Guess 2. you are adding 2 more people to the team.


MsGrace said...

Oh all good guesses...but not it yet.

Sharmaine said...

Would it be that someone who participates in or wins challenge 2 gets to be a 'guest designer'??!! Very cool!

Michelle said... guess is that you'll have TWO challenges for mid month!!

Stacey said...

I'll guess that the winner of the challenge gets to create another challenge? I'm sure that's not it, but it's all I could think of! :lol: